Arca's Path VR

Game info

Tricked by a wicked android witch, you must seek a path home and escape the simulated world of Arca. Fully integrated across all major VR platforms, with intuitive hands-free gameplay, Arca’s Path is an atmospheric VR gaming experience.

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My responsibilities

  • Level Design: I created several of the levels, including the introductory level featured in the video below.
  • UI Design: Creation of a UI system which complimented the themes of the game.
  • Typography: From the selection of fonts for the project to the placement of all text within the game, taking care to ensure legibility across formats and considering the unique challenges of text legibility in VR.
  • Icons: Creating a coherent set of icons for the various VR controllers and devices compatible with the game.
  • Trophies / Achievements: Creation and submission of trophies / achievements to Playstation Network, Oculus Store and Steam.
  • General QA




“We play games to gain new experiences, and I guarantee that you have never experienced anything like Arca’s Path”
8/10 – Push Square

“A fantastic entry point for those looking to dip their toes into VR”
8.5/10 – TechRaptor

“A triumph”
9/10 – PSU

In action