A bit more about me...

Trained in graphic design and self-taught in Adobe Creative Suite and Unity3D, I have most recently been working in-house creating banners, animations, landing pages and formatting printed materials for one of the UK's largest mail-order companies.

Prior to this I focused on game design, level and UI design; contributing to multi-platform Virtual and Augmented Reality titles such as Arca's Path, Orbu and creating prototype experiences for the medical industry. 

Before moving into games development I spent five years living in working in Japan, gaining a great appreciation of Japanese culture and intermediate Japanese language ability.

In my spare time... well, my wife and I have just welcomed the first addition to our small family... and as such, spare time is a distant and vague memory. However, before voluntarily turning my own world upside down, I enjoyed various hobbies such as; ESL tutoring, VR development, DJing, building websites and of course playing the odd game or two.

My full CV is available here, and please feel free to contact me at benberrycreative@gmail.com

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