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Inspired by Japanese Zen gardens, Orbu is a physical AR game with engaging slingshot mechanics. Transform your surroundings and embark on a journey through ever-changing seasons. Discover and collect new Orbu creatures such as Tanuki (raccoon dog), Noko (turtle) and Konkon (fox) – and guide them through a series of obstacle courses.

My responsibilities

  • Designing around a third of the levels, including all DLC levels.
  • Researching traditional Japanese gardens for features that could translate well into game mechanics (the water hazard at 2:05 in the video below for example).
  • Sketching layout ideas and then greyboxing and prototyping in engine.
  • Writing art requests and spec for interactive elements and kit parts.
  • Setting score thresholds for each level.
  • Generating the necessary app icons and images for App Store submission.
  • Using my Japanese language ability to improve the Japanese localisation of the game and it's App Store content.
  • General QA.


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In action